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Private Jets. Stellar Service.



Imagine a Private Aircraft Company that is different.


Crew Aviation is a boutique company, specializing in aviation solutions with tailored aircraft management and charter plans, providing clients with expeditious accessibility to information about their aircraft, their flights, and their account, through our pioneering technology.


Our desire is to do things right, with thoughtful processes and personal service that is responsive to your needs. We are committed in our relationships with you and want to help harness the power of your investment to amplify your success, enhance your quality of life, and help you discover the benefits of private aviation you have earned and deserve. At Crew Aviation, we don't want to be the biggest aviation company or a low-cost alternative. We want to be the best.


Private Jets. Stellar Service.

Your All-In-One Aviation Stop

Crew Aviation offers a full spectrum of aviation services including Jet Management, Private Air Charter, and Aircraft Acquisitions. Our professional and experienced crew creates personalized plans that fit our customer's wants and needs. Whether you are purchasing, chartering, or simply wanting to learn more about private aviation, we guarantee Stellar Service.

Crew Aviation, has deliberately avoided becoming a large, multi-tiered, commercialized private aircraft operator, to focus on our customer’s best interests. With some of the most distinguished and accomplished professionals in the World. Operating, supporting, and consulting on a variety of aircraft including Bell, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer, Global, Gulfstream, Learjet, and Sikorsky.

Our Company is focused on the protection and maximization of the capital asset. This focus is seconded only by the safety of the overall operation. 


Why Choose Crew?

Crew offers the highest level of service to our clients. Our expertise in aircraft operations has given us national recognition, including being recognized by the FAA as one of the few companies practicing “Interdependence & Promoting Safety,” stating 

“Crew Aviation is a 14 CFR Part 135 10 or more certificate holder operating both domestically and internationally. The Louisville FSDO provides certificate management and safety oversight. Both Crew Aviation and the Louisville FSDO are dedicated to a fully operational Safety Management System (SMS) under the SMS Voluntary Program (VP). This dedication is above and beyond the required safety oversight regulatory standards. Working in collaboration with the SMS Program Office within the Safety Analysis and Promotion Division (AFS-900), the SMS VP is currently under validation and should be fully active within this calendar year. A validated and continual operational environment for the SMS VP must meet Part 5 standards. This dedication for operating at the highest degree of safety is a milestone achievement and should be the standard for all Part 135 certificate holders.”

Crew Aviation, LLC has attained the distinction of independent safety credentials, including:


  • One of Four Certified Wyvern Flight Leaders Worldwide

  • One of Eight, and the only Part 135 Management Company currently accepted to the Progressive Stage III IS-BAO registered level Worldwide

  • A member of Air Charter Safety Foundation

  • DCA Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What aircraft are used for charter flights?

Crew Aviation has a great selection of aircraft for your next private flight. We are able to source aircraft ranging from four seats to commercial airline sized aircraft. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, you can expect a fully customized, luxurious, and safe flight with our Crew. If you have questions or concerns about choosing which aircraft best fits your needs, contact us. We are more than happy to help find the best fit for your personal needs.

When should I arrive before my departure to check in?

The luxury of flying private means you chose your departure time. We recommend arriving 15-30 minutes before your chosen departure time.

How much time will I save flying private?

Flying Private is a major time saver. Some things to consider: - No lines or baggage check-in - Faster Jets, shorter travel time - More airport availability for Private Jets than Commercial Flights (meaning you can fly closer to your final destination). - Use our in-flight Wifi to work, or hold meetings in our Club-styled interior jets.

How much weight can I bring with me on my flight?

The amount of luggage you wish to carry on-flight depends on the number of passengers and the size of your chosen aircraft. As an estimate, we recommend: Light Jet: - Number of Passengers (6) - Total Items of Luggage (6) Midsize Jet: - Number of Passengers (8) - Total Items of Luggage (8) Large Jet - Number of Passengers (12) - Total Items of Luggage (20)

Is there transfer from the airport to the hotel?

Part of the Crew Aviation Experience is that we can book you a private rental car, a car and driver, or whichever form of transportation you request. We can even arrange a hotel upon your request.

What food and drinks are served on the flight?

We can personalize your aircraft with whichever food or drinks you request.