Our Story

Coming up on 20 years of business, Crew Aviation, LLC was founded in 2002 as an aircraft management company. Seeing a growing need in the industry, Crew earned its FAA Part 135 Certificate in 2005. Since that time we have expanded our capabilities to offer world-class service from domestic to international travel.

Our management team consists of our C suite management and directors including, CEO, Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, Director of Safety, Director of Maintenance, Director of Marketing, Information Officer, and Scheduling, combining for a total of over 150 years of experience.

Crew Aviation offers executive-level air travel and associated services. We are proud of our courteous, professional crews who make it easy for passengers to conduct business or to relax with family and friends during flight.

Our staff will gladly handle any additional transportation, catering, and overnight accommodations you may require. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, turn to Crew for a superior experience.

Company Leadership


Clyde Ensor 


2002 - Present

Ensor is responsible for the oversight and overall direction of Crew Aviation. Ensor saw a need in the region for an upscale, safe, business/charter jet operation. His aviation experience began at the age of 14, guided by his grandfather and their shared love for aviation.


Timothy Peace

COO/Director of Operations​

2017 - Present

Peace is responsible for the aviation department and aviation operations, including safety, administration, legal, fiscal, maintenance, flight, scheduling, and customer service; supervises all department personnel. Establishes and administers policies, procedures, and practices consistent with industry standards and all applicable Federal, state, local, and company regulations and policy.

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Shannon Weidekamp

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer​

2017 - Present

Her responsibilities include increasing business by acquiring new clients and establishing productive and profitable relationships with external firms and organizations. She provides strategic direction to the business and helps lead business development activities, goals, objectives, vision, mission, and values of Crew Aviation.


Wyatt E. Batchelor

Director of Maintenance​

2017 - Present

Batchelor is responsible for directing, planning, and implementing inspection standards and the company's methods and procedures in complying with Federal rules, manufacturer specifications, and recommendations. He also reconciles contracts, maintenance inspections, pre-buy inspections and is the continuous analysis and surveillance system coordinator.


Max Weidekamp

Director of Business Development​

2019 - Present

Weidekamp is responsible for finding new aircraft, selling or trading, air charter, jet card programs, and aircraft management interactions. He offers financial comparisons and helps our customers make economic decisions for themselves or their company.

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Kelly Friel 

Client Services & Lead Flight Attendant​

2019 - Present

Friel's role is to understand our clients' needs while providing them with the utmost in safety and confidentiality. This includes maintaining passenger profiles, the care, and safety of the cabin, coordinating with maintenance and scheduling/dispatch to ensure that each flight is the ultimate experience in stellar service and safety.


Leslie Stanley

Accounting Manager

2011 - Present

Stanley is responsible for managing accounts and finances. She has been with Crew Aviation for 10 years and is an integral part of the company. Prior to her role at Crew, she worked in AP/AR for over 15 years. Stanley attended the University of Kentucky, has 4 girls, and has a love for baking. 


Annabelle Klein

Creative Director

2020 - Present

Klein's primary responsibilities at Crew Aviation are to create and maintain online presence as well as produce new ideas for company branding, develop exceptional and well-crafted marketing materials, and work with Crew’s team to produce new ideas for company branding, promotional campaigns, and marketing communications. 

Crew avaition


We are a "Crew" of professionals that love to fly. You can rely on us for the safety, comfort, and convenience you need in order to successfully navigate your way through life's journeys. As an aircraft owner or charter guest, we welcome you with open arms into our team; look forward to becoming part of yours too!


Crew understands that safety and getting you where you need to go is of great importance, but we understand each person matters too. We are dedicated to catering to your needs through our Stellar Service from the moment one speaks with a team member during an inquiry for flights until they arrive at their destination on time.


At Crew Aviation we believe that it's crucial to give back to our community – being a supporter of both Flight Club 502 (501 c 3) from 2015 on, as well as sponsoring Rally For The Kids Foundation over three consecutive years proves this commitment - one which we look forward maintaining along our many other great pursuits taking flight into new territories!


Crew Aviation is the go-to company for private air charter, aircraft acquisitions, and management. We've been featured in these articles!

Crew has achieved a higher level of quality service that other companies cannot match. We're not just an aviation broker or acquisitor; we also provide services to manage your privately owned craft with all its quirks.


Crew is committed to safety in all matters, and each Crew member has a role in ensuring the highest standards of safety. The maintenance department ensures that planes are safe for take-off; our flight dispatch makes sure that flights can depart on time from any airport without incident, and every other department head puts together detailed plans so crew members have as much information about their destination before they fly out.