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Sep 1, 2021

By: Ladan Nikravan Hayes

Featuring Crew Aviation: Private Jets. Stellar Service.

In 2020 everything turned upside down, especially the travel industry. Commercial travel was soaring one day and completely halted the next. Suddenly, everything changed and new forms of travel had to be considered, including private jet travel. 

    As this luxurious mode of transportation continues to gain popularity, new customers are curious about aircraft charter and ownership and the differences in an air charter operator and an air charter broker. Below are five things to consider before making your decision.


  1. Experience, training and compliance


Experience is alway a major consideration in determining the “who’s” and “how’s” of aircraft management and charter. An aircraft management company manages all aspects of a plane for an owner. An aircraft management company manages all aspect of a plane for an owner. An air charter operator provides air travel for a fee to individuals and businesses at their direction. They maintain full operational control and compliance for the aircraft to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Part 135 standards. 


Crew Aviation is an aircraft management company and an air charter company. All pilots are full-time direct hires, not contractors. Each pilot averages approximately 10,000 flight hours. Pilots are also trained and typed in each aircraft they fly and every aircraft is flown with two pilots. You need to feel confident that you’re in safe hands. Make sure the provider you choose is legally compliant with FAA standards and procedures to operate your flight. Do not assume that every plane with a flight crew has the authority to book a charter trip. Without the proper certifications from the FAA, you could be placing yourself, your family, or business colleagues at risk. 


Crew aviation is a certified FAA Part 135 Air Carrier. They prioritize passenger safety and comfort, to ensure a peace-of-mind flying experience for you and your guests.


Air Charter brokers act as third party agents to secure flights for passengers. They do not have operational control or manage the aircraft. Crew Aviation works with a number of brokers to provide flights for their clients. They also act as a broker when needed to acquire other aircraft.


       2. Ability to fly to your location of choice


One of the biggest benefits of a private jet is the convenience and control you have of your destination. Crew Aviation is authorized to fly to most global destinations and to over 5,000 U.S. airports, including Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA). Private aircraft operators must be compliant and pass a number of security procedures to acquire the certification to fly directly into DCA. For those flying into the Nation’s Capital, this is a huge benefit in time and cost savings. For example, driving from DCA into downtown takes approximately 15 minutes. A trip from Dulles Airport is a minimum of 45 minutes and with frequent traffic jams, this could be hours of valuable time lost. This equates to a loss of thousands of dollars in productivity and time away from family.


Commercial airlines have eliminated routes and flights in response to COVID-19. First, it was due to substantial decrease in overall flying in 2020. Currently, there are continued cancelations due to staffing shortages and lack of available employees. Flying private is a valuable resource for businesses that need to move people from place to place to keep our economy moving and for individuals who must arrive in a timely manner. Crew Aviation helps you take control of your travel by allowing you to choose your flight times and locations.


      3. Reputable safety standards, certifications


When you charter a flight, you need to trust that you are in good hands. Crew Aviation is an industry leader and has earned the highest safety standards and certifications. As one of only four U.S. companies to attain the Wyvern Flight Leader certification, they are also an IS-BAO Progressive Stage 3 operator and ARGUS Gold. These certifications are given by third-party auditing companies that review all safety procedures of the company, the aircraft, maintenance, facilities, staff, and crew. Company leadership takes pride in operating at the highest degree of safety and security, going above and beyond the required FAA regulatory standards. 


      4. Customized aircraft management


Aviation management companies are not all created equal. Your aircraft is an asset and you want to make sure it is maintained and holds its value while providing you with the comfort and convenience of private travel. There is so much to consider: fixed expenses of the aircraft for maintenance, hangar costs, insurance, subscriptions, along with variable costs and the amount of data available.


Crew Aviation believes that a company’s overall capabilities and values can create a lasting edge on its competition. Since Crew Aviation’s values and best practices, as a customized aircraft management company, cannot be easily copied, substituted or reverse engineered, it places their company in a better position to accommodate the client and add value overall.


      5. Concierge-style service


Concierge service can be explained two ways: the service provided inside the plane and the overall customer experience- catering to customer preferences. Crew Aviation offers luxury that has no comparison. While service, quality and safety are the company's foundational principles, every Crew Aviation teammate strives to exceed passenger expectations. While other companies are competing to be the largest, they have become commercialized private aviation. Crew Aviation is a boutique operator and remains committed to offering a personalized experience for their clients.


Unfortunately, the COVID-era is not behind us and sharing armchairs with strangers is something most are not comfortable with yet. Private aviation is an effective way to minimize close contact during travel minimizing your risk as well as take control of your time and your destination. 


If you’re ready to trade check-in desks and fast-food food courts for doormen and champagne, visit to start your journey with Crew Aviation.   

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