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Fly in optimum luxury without security risks and safety issues

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February 2, 2022

By Shannon Weidekamp Photos by Andrea Hutchinson Jewelry courtesy of Davis Jewelers

“Just a drink. A martini, shaken, not stirred.” You are familiar with the line, but do you know the movie? Ian Fleming’s character spoke this legendary, iconic phrase, James Bond, 007, in the movie Goldfinger onboard the private jet of the film’s villain, Auric Goldfinger, as they flew to Kentucky. It has been said that no other film franchise has inspired travel more than the fictional stories of James Bond with his life of adventure and romance.

Not to spoil the plot for those few who have not watched Goldfinger, but James Bond faces multiple scenarios of personal risk. He was drugged, kidnapped and eventually had to parachute out of the plane. At Crew Aviation, we want you to fly in the optimum luxury of 007 but without the security risks and safety issues faced by James Bond.

How do I travel in the lifestyle of Her Majesty’s Service without the security risks?

Crew Aviation has in-house security personnel, certified Armed Security Officers, daily domestic and international briefings and every employee goes through extensive security screenings. Crew Aviation is based at Muhammad Ali International Airport, a TSA secure facility. In addition to the TSA, the airport is served by the Louisville International Airport Department of Public Safety, providing onsite police and fire protection services who receive training in aviation safety and security.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol also serve the airport. Arriving aircraft and passengers can clear customs at their facility with proper authorization. It is the only fully security-controlled airfield in the Louisville Metro Area.

Can Crew Aviation fly to locations that other aircraft operators cannot?

Yes. Crew Aviation is authorized as a DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP) operator. Crew Aviation’s private terminal is approved as a gateway city for DASSP departures into Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA).

The DCA Access Standard Security Program is the process by which Part 91 and 135 operators can utilize DCA, subject to certain restrictions and specific and detailed requirements of the flight department and departure airport. Not all Air Charter operators are approved for flights into and out of Washington Reagan National Airport. Operators looking to participate in the DASSP must meet the standards of the TSA.

Once approved to fly into DCA, operators must follow strict procedural guidelines and operational compliance. Flights must be screened at and depart from a designated gateway airport as the last point of departure before arriving at DCA. Security procedures require that an armed security officer (ASO) be onboard each aircraft authorized under the DASSP to fly into and out of DCA.

What about the luxury travel lifestyle of James Bond?

As Mr. Bond once said, “The world is not enough.” The staff at Crew Aviation is trained to provide Stellar Service. Whether it is a martini, champagne, or a specific sparkling water brand, we do our absolute best to provide any personal request. Would you like an Aston Martin pulled planeside for your arrival? We have an extensive network of luxury providers who can accommodate your wishes.

Fleming’s hero traveled to exotic destinations with gadgets and gear. How can Crew Aviation assist me in traveling internationally and domestically?

Whether you want to scuba dive in Jamaica, take a seaplane from Ken Jones Aerodrome in St. Margaret’s Bay, ski the Swiss Alps, explore the spice markets of Istanbul, search for diamonds in Las Vegas, or enjoy a weekend of sailing in the Florida Keys, Crew Aviation can assist with the necessary travel documents, customs requirements, vaccination or testing procedures, security briefings and ground transportation. Skis, scuba equipment, golf bags, trekking, climbing, even sky diving equipment can be transported safely and securely. Domestic or international hunting firearms require special authorizations and procedures that our pilots and staff can provide for our clients for those departing on a hunting expedition. You will be treated as a “special agent” when you fly with Crew Aviation.