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Flying precious cargo: When travelers need security in a private aircraft

Palm Beach Daily News

Fly Safely with in-house security personnel and certified armed security officers.

There are many reasons you may need to travel with a security professional. Celebrities, politicians, high profile individuals, diplomats, and high net worth individuals and families may need to travel with security or an executive personal security specialist. Whether you need to fly directly into Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport rather than Dulles, you are transporting art, jewelry, antiques or other priceless items, perhaps your children are traveling alone, or someone needs assistance in their travel. Crew Aviation has in-house security personnel, certified Armed Security Officers, daily domestic and international briefings, and every employee goes through extensive security screenings.

Crew Aviation can arrange for secure transportation for cargo and passengers.

Can Crew Aviation fly to locations that other aircraft operators cannot?

Yes. Crew Aviation is authorized as a DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP) operator. Crew Aviation is an approved DASSP provider for departures into Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA). The DCA Access Standard Security Program is the process by which Part 91 & 135 operators can utilize DCA, subject to certain restrictions and specific and detailed requirements of the flight department and departure airport. Not all Air Charter operators are approved for flights into and out of Washington Reagan National Airport. Operators looking to participate in the DASSP must meet the standards of the TSA. Once approved to fly into DCA, operators must follow strict procedural guidelines and operational compliance. Flights must be screened at and depart from a designated gateway airport as the last point of departure prior to arriving at DCA. Security procedures require that an armed security officer (ASO) be onboard each aircraft authorized under the DASSP to fly into and out of DCA.

What type of services does Crew Aviation provide when it comes to secure travel?

The security specialist at Crew Aviation can perform risk assessments, test security systems, vet and screen local service providers, FBO’s, ground transportation providers, and catering companies. They can arrange for secure transportation for cargo and passengers, determine which executive or persons of interest are at higher risk, develop methods to keep them safe, provide armed guards, flight security, and aircraft security, (where local regulations allow private security to operate). We can provide licensed chauffeurs who are trained to avoid vehicle violence, avert highway encounters, and carjackings. Our security professionals coordinate with other agencies to provide continuous safety and security throughout the journey for passengers or the delivery of cargo.

Crew Aviation security professionals provide continuous safety and security throughout the delivery of cargo.

Can Crew Aviation provide security personnel who can travel with passengers?

Yes. We have security personnel with law enforcement background and training as well as executive personal protection skills who can travel with you, provide ground security, chauffeur needs, and personal protection for executives, celebrities or your family. For individuals who are traveling alone, we can provide a personal travel companion who can guide you on your adventures, take care of tours and reservations, and provide assistance with potential mobility issues or challenges. For example, many individuals want to travel but may not have a family member or friend who can travel with them. Crew can provide a travel companion who is professionally trained in security, safety, first aid, can assist in ground transportation to hotels, points of interest, restaurants, take care of trip details, continually assess risk factors, carry valuables and required documents, and provide a sense of security for those traveling alone, traveling with children or pets, or to locations that may be considered high risk areas for crime.

What other security services does Crew Aviation provide?

Cyber security while flying is a real threat. Hackers looking to steal money and information can target private jets. Criminals can break into onboard Wi-Fi via the satellite link used to connect to the internet. Crew Aviation follows the guidance and requirements for Global Data Protection Regulations (EU) as well as the guidance of ‘The ABA Cyber Security Handbook'. To go a step further, Crew Aviation has partners in VOIP, Cell and Data to add even further levels of protection to your private data and conversations.

If you’re ready to travel safely and securely, click here to start your journey with Crew Aviation.

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