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Options for a spectacular outdoor adventure begin with Crew Aviation

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The sound of ocean waves, tree frogs croaking in the distance, the smell of a campfire, fireflies dancing along a mountain meadow to the music of an outdoor concert, and the satisfaction of marking off another world-ranked golf course from your list. The memories of summer are waiting to be created!

In days gone by, a stop at Stuckey’s or a trip to any domestic or international destination was not complete without spinning the postcard display. The beautiful scenery not captured by a Kodachrome camera and overly campy subjects frolicking on the beach were must-haves for a scrapbook or send to family and friends to let them know of your spectacular travel adventures. Today, the options for spectacular outdoor adventures begin with Crew Aviation.

Time is a precious commodity in today’s world. Very few busy families and business executives have days to spend driving to the beach or a mountain getaway. School breaks are shorter, TSA lines and commercial airline flight delays are more prolonged, yet the search for adventure and quest for a lifelong memory is still desired by many. Flying privately with Crew Aviation allows you to skip the TSA lines and most flight delays. If the weather conditions are not favorable or a situation is unsafe, we may also have delays, but our passengers are more in control of their vacations and outdoor adventures.

Headed to surf in the Outer Banks? Bring your surfboard along and know that it will not be damaged along the way. Maybe

water skiing is more your speed on Lake Michigan. Our aircraft have plenty of room for your equipment without the hassle of checking or shipping your needed supplies ahead. Of course, there is always room for the pool noodles, sand toys and buckets, and a giant floating flamingo or rainbow unicorn to come along.

Outdoor movies become a memorable experience when you pack an old-fashioned English picnic basket filled with beautiful crystal and china, along with a bottle of bubbly. Just do not pack that luxury picnic basket on a commercial flight, or you may end up with pieces of memories and a takeaway box from the nearest fast-food restaurant. Imagine planning an outdoor movie journey, from the mini urban drive-in of the Blue Starlite, in Austin, Texas, to Film on the Rocks in Red Rocks Park near Denver, Colorado and landing in Los Angeles to take in the Cinespia Hollywood Forever Cemetery Movie Screenings.

Perhaps outdoor concerts are more to your liking, and you are seeking a truly memorable experience. Crew Aviation can take you to Dalhalla, Sweden, to experience a live show near Rattvik. The natural amphitheater was formed 360 million years ago by the same meteorite that formed Lake Siljan. With vertical rock walls, echo-free sounds, and near-perfect acoustics, it has hosted some of the greatest legends in music. However, traveling to this one-of-a-kind concert venue is not possible on commercial airlines. Crew’s aircraft can take you directly to Mora–Siljan Airport, 21 miles from the venue, saving the four-hour car ride taken by other concertgoers.

Théâtre Antique D’Orange in Provence, France, is another venue worth the trip. Augustus, the First Roman Emperor, built a 2,000-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, the Roman Theatre of Orange hosts concerts, theatrical performances, and the yearly summer opera festival, Les Chorégies.

While taking in a concert at Slane Castle, Ireland, you can pick up a bottle or two of Slane Castle’s signature triple-casked Irish Whisky. This 18th-century castle overlooking the River Boyne has hosted rock and roll greats David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and of course, U2. The Irish Rock legends assumed residence at Slane Castle to write and record their album, The Unforgettable Fire. If you want to bring back a case of Irish Whisky to go with your stock of Kentucky Bourbon, you will want to fly with Crew to make sure your cargo arrives safe and sound.

And since you are traveling on a private jet while in Ireland, you must book a few tee times for golf on some of the most beautiful emerald green courses in the world. Founded in 1893, Ballybunion Golf Club in County Kerry is one of the finest seaside courses ever played by professional and amateur players. However, if you are as close as Ireland and love the game, you cannot go home without a stop at the birthplace of golf—the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland.

When you travel with Crew Aviation, we help you plan your journey to maximize your time and create lasting memories all along the way. Please make the most of your summer and fly with us!

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