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Featuring Crew Aviation: Private Jets. Stellar Service.

September 1, 2021

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By Amy Barnes Photos by Kathryn Harrington

When it comes to quality, guest experience, safety and acute attention to detail, Louisville’s Crew Aviation team provides executive-level clients with highly personalized and meticulous luxury boutique travel services. We recently chatted with Crew Aviation COO and Director of Operations Tim Peace and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Shannon Weidekamp regarding the company’s fastidious focus on safety and service as it opens its newest offices in Palm Beach and Sarasota, FL.

Tell me about your business. Who do you serve?

We work with private jet owners, interested in private aircraft management, as well as individuals, businesses and groups seeking charter flights and other private aircraft options. Most of these clients are people and businesses who want to maximize their time, have greater control of their destinations and planning, and those whose main concern is safety in terms of security, health and mitigating any potential risks associated with flying.

Where do you fly?

Whether it’s a quick trip to Nashville, a California business meeting, a weekend in Florida or a romantic getaway, we can provide world-class domestic and international private charter flights in most countries across the globe.

You equate your company’s attention to detail and application of service quality to the ritual of serving tea. Could you elaborate on this comparison?

The notion of tea spans all nations of our world. Most of us are aware of Great Britain’s historical heritage to the social convention of the drink. How does this contrast to our business? Tea is a trade item and has been for hundreds of years. This also makes tea a luxury item, a social convention and something to share with guests. Historically, as a luxury, tea was a highborn consumable that spanned the globe because, as it has been said, “the sun never sets on the British Empire.” Luxury has no comparison, and while service, quality and safety are all foundational principles, we at Crew Aviation strive in every way to assure luxury expectations are exceeded before they are requested.

Describe some examples of Crew Aviation’s boutique and luxury services.

We continually strive to live up to our mantra: Private Aircraft, Stellar ServiceTM. From the blankets we have on board, to the type of bourbon or beverage our clients drink, to food preferences and more, we try to learn what our clients desire and continuously anticipate their needs. For example, we have access to high-end royal markets and textiles such as the Queen’s blankets (the same blanket the Queen [of England] uses), monogrammed pillows, made-to-order bedding or custom-created accessories from some of the finest purveyors of luxury goods around the world.

Whether it is a simple offering of Werther’s candies or the finest champagne, we feel the greatest luxury is listening to our clients’ needs, wants and requests.

Before a client flies with us, we ask them to fill out a passenger preferences survey. We ask things like their food allergies, what type of water they like, what type of blanket they prefer, their favorite candy or beverage. We try to offer Kentucky bourbons on our flights (including Brown-Forman products) but we cater to our client’s preferences. We want our clients who are not owners to feel like our jets are also their asset.

Additionally, we watch what our clients bring on board. Is it a special beverage, served at the desired temperature? Do they bring a certain type of snack because they are gluten-free or vegetarian? If this item is not currently in stock, we will assure that it is available on the next flight. We try to notice and meet their exact preferences.

You recently opened new locations in Palm Beach and Sarasota, FL. What are your additional plans for future growth?

In addition to our location in Louisville, KY and the Florida offices, we have plans to open new locations in several other states and are in discussions to open divisions outside of the United States. We have multiple projects to unveil in the near future that support and enhance our existing operations.

Describe your additional services.

In addition to the boutique services previously mentioned, we also work in aircraft acquisitions, consulting and maintenance. Our professional and highly experienced team creates personalized plans that fit our customers’ wants and needs. Whether you are purchasing, chartering or simply want to learn more about private aviation, we guarantee stellar service.