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Start your new chapter in the skies with Crew Aviation

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Jan 5, 2022

By Shannon Weidekamp

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Whether traveling to an exotic destination, a romantic resort, or a familiar vacation spot to start a new life together, Crew Aviation can help make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What are the most important things for couples to consider in planning their honeymoon travel?

A great experience begins with knowing your travel budget. However, even with an unlimited amount of cash to spend, if your trip planning does not include knowing the potential restrictions and having the necessary documents needed for your trip, it can become a travel nightmare. If you are traveling outside of the U.S., you need to know the current restrictions at your destination. Not only are COVID vaccinations required for entry in some countries, but other vaccines may also be required or highly suggested. Yellow fever, malaria, typhoid and other vaccines are recommended in many countries and can be acquired at local health departments or your family physician. A passport is necessary for travel outside the U.S., and current processing times can be lengthy, so plan accordingly. Most countries have restrictions that your passport cannot be within six months of expiration. Check your travel dates with your current passport if you are in doubt. Travel visas may also be a requirement, and there may be extended wait times. With COVID restrictions changing daily, it is best to check frequently to ensure you have all the necessary documentation. The Crew Aviation staff receive updates for travel restrictions, health and wellness and safety/security several times a day to update our passengers before their scheduled trip.

What benefits does private travel with Crew offer a newlywed couple?

Crew Aviation offers a custom-tailored experience where the couple can choose their flight time, destination, amenities and travel details. There are no TSA lines to go through, no ticket counters, lost luggage, or disgruntled passengers to encounter. Passengers can travel with their luggage and items they may want to take for leisure activities like golf clubs, ski equipment, snorkeling or scuba gear, hiking or trekking—truly the sky, and the baggage compartment, is the limit! On return, most purchased items can be brought onboard and secured for the trip home. Many newlyweds purchase items to commemorate their journey, and flying privately can easily accommodate a case of wine, a framed piece of art, or a treasure found in an antique or design shop that must be part of their home. The beginning of a new life together should be relaxing and romantic with a chance to make memories.

What are other special services offered?

Our staff can coordinate a send-off party in our private VIP hangar with family and friends. Special items can be arranged for the flight, such as champagne, a personal wedding or honeymoon cake, a catered meal, or placement of gifts. We have an in-house travel expert that can book an entire trip, including hotel, tours, meals, ground transportation and activities. If individual services are requested, we can book rental cars, chauffeured cars or limousines, island transportation, including seaplanes or helicopters. We also have exclusive partners for luxury yachts, sailboats, or other excursions upon destination arrival. With a global network of companies and trusted contacts, we can help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Can we add a Crew Aviation flight to our Honeymoon Registry?

Of course! Typically, travel can be planned 12 months in advance, allowing plenty of time for gifts to be deposited for your memorable trip. We can help you plan a registry budget or set up an account where guests can contribute directly without the typical fees charged for most online sites. Contact us for limitations and restrictions so you can decide which method works best for you.

Are there other options to consider in using Crew Aviation?

Yes, we can offer transportation to connecting locations. Perhaps your dream honeymoon is a cruise. We can fly you to the destination where your ship departs and return when your adventure is complete. Many times couples are given airfare or airline miles to travel. We can connect you to airports with direct international flights like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, or Seattle if you are flying commercially to Europe, Hawaii, Australia, or Tahiti.

Whether we provide round trip transportation or link to your overall honeymoon travel experience, we always offer Stellar Service.

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