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Time Flies... Fortunately, so do we

Passport: Places • Trends • Style May 2022

Are you a lifestyle entrepreneur? Your life is in constant motion. Your lifestyle says who you are and what is important to you at various stages in your life. Crew Aviation can help you make the most of your time and your lifestyle.

What is a lifestyle entrepreneur?

Many people are looking at success in a much different way. Rather than creating a business to make more money, lifestyle entrepreneurs develop businesses with a purpose. They are seeking a personal lifestyle that fits how they want to live. More time with family, personal fulfillment, hobbies, a stress-free job environment and greater productivity for working smarter, not harder.

How can Crew Aviation help in supporting lifestyle entrepreneurs?

Crew Aviation can help by maximizing profit and productivity optimization. Whether you are interested in aircraft ownership and investment or using aviation charter to grow your business, we can help. We have experts on staff that can create a personal cost analysis of aircraft ownership and the benefits for you and your company. Many people are surprised at how flying privately vs. commercial airlines can save money by saving time. Time is valuable, and the more unproductive time business executives spend in airports, crowded commercial planes and transit to and from their destinations, thousands of dollars can be lost.

How does flying with Crew give me more time?

We help you create time and freedom to do things and live the lifestyle you want to live. Imagine not showing up at the airport two hours ahead of your flight time or being able to fly on your schedule. When you fly with Crew Aviation, you are in control of your schedule. You book the time of travel to the closest airport to your destination. There are over 5,000 airports in the U.S., but commercially scheduled aircraft only use around five hundred of those locations.

Depending on the size of the aircraft and other conditions like weather, we will safely fly you into locations not accessible by commercial airlines, which will get you closer to your destination and save the drive time to and from the airport. With the limitations of direct flights, you also avoid stopping to change aircraft and the layover time or potential flight delays.

What can I do with more time?

Do you want more leisure time to enjoy golf? This is a question only you can answer! Maybe it is saying “yes” to meeting a potential new client in person. Perhaps let your kids or grandkids become the captain and choose the next adventure destination. Instead of a “bucket list,” create a “life list” and make plans with your friends to attend all three races in the Triple Crown. If spending quality time with your family is a priority, having more time allows you to volunteer to be the baseball coach for your child’s team or attend their special events without juggling the work/life balance.

What else do Lifestyle Entrepreneurs enjoy when they fly with Crew?

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are seeking a more stress-free lifestyle. Flying on your schedule, not dealing with airline delays, TSA, unruly passengers, and the ability to choose the people you want to travel with and the amenities you want while flying are only a partial list. The staff at Crew Aviation intends to ensure that your experience is as stress-free as possible. We can arrange ground transportation, security and hotel reservations. We act as your travel concierge in booking event tickets and planning special trips.

Time flies… Fortunately, so do we.

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By Shannon Weidekamp

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson