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Ever worried about your safety when you fly? We're different. Crew Aviation has four additional standards that are externally audited and administered by IS-BAO, Wyvern Wingman, Argus, & ACSF to make sure our aircrafts are up to date with current FAA requirements as well as the industry's newest regulations. That means two professional pilots are always on board! Each Pilot in Command has an average of 9,000 hours of flight time.


Crew prioritizes safety in all matters. Each Crew member has a role in ensuring safety throughout our company. Our maintenance department, flight dispatch, and each department head have a role in making sure all safety variables are considered and addressed for each and every flight.

  • Safety is our first priority and we are the region's only WYVERN Wingman Flight Leader and IS-BAO Stage III.

  • Simulator Training every 6 months

  • Emergency Training (Aircare) 

  • TSA security training

  • Line checks by the FAA

  • International Procedures

  • Aircrew Protocol and Etiquette training

  • Each owner, charter guest, team member, and flight is dedicated to your needs with guaranteed Stellar Service.



Crew Aviation 14 CFR Part 135 10 or more Certificate Holder Safety Management System (SMS) Voluntary Program

Crew Aviation is a 14 CFR Part 135 10 or more certificate holder operating both domestically and internationally.  The Louisville FSDO provides certificate management and safety oversight.  Both Crew Aviation and the Louisville FSDO are dedicated to a fully operational Safety Management System (SMS) under the SMS Voluntary Program (VP). This dedication is above and beyond the required safety oversight regulatory standards.  Working in collaboration with the SMS Program Office within the Safety Analysis and Promotion Division (AFS-900), the SMS VP is currently under validation and should be fully active within this calendar year. A validated and continual operational environment for the SMS VP must meet Part 5 standards.  This dedication for operating at the highest degree of safety is a milestone achievement and should be the standard for all Part 135 certificate holders. 


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